Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Woah so it's been a long time. Those last few weeks in Mexico were a little crazy and we've been visiting family for the past couple weeks. We didn't do a great job of updating this past semester, but I will try to get better.

We got some awesome things for Christmas, and it's been great to see everyone. Hopefully everybody got our newsletter. If for some reason you read this, but you do not recieve a newsletter, email us and we'll get that taken care of:

We return to Mexico on Monday, the 19th of January. We are uncertain of how long we will be there this time. We're making some big decisions in the next month or so for our future, so if you think about it, keep us in your prayers.

Our first Christmas together has been nice. Bryan bought me a beautiful ornament to put on a future tree once we have our own place =)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Davis family!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Praying for America

During the women's conference this weekend, one of the American speakers asked for everyone to labor in prayer for a little bit for our country and the election. Then one of the leaders in the church brought up how many people here have such a negative view of Americans because of negative encounters and negative ideas. They asked any of the Americans to go up to the front and they felt like they needed to repent for these attitudes before God by apologizing to us.

This was such a touching experience for me. I've gotten to know so many people in this network of churches. I've stayed in many of their homes and worked along side them in ministry several times. These were the people coming up to me praying over me and asking for forgiveness for themselves and their country. Alicia from Huichi came up to me and grabbed my hands and held them up together making sort of a fort-like thing as she prayed for our nation. It was such a symbol that we are one nation in Christ. It doesn't matter the culture of America or the culture of Mexico, it matters the culture that Jesus has brought into our lives through His Kingdom. Many people came up to me crying in their repentence for a bitter or wrong attitude in their own heart and the people of Mexico.

Other people prayed blessings on us personally for me and Bryan and thanked us for giving our time to their country. My friend and fellow intern Rocio came up to me and said, "It's so cool that you are giving your time and your life for my country. Thank you so much." It was so encouraging personally, but I also feel a need to pass this blessing on to ya'll. There are people praying for God to be glorified and that the Kingdom and culture of heaven be here on earth.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Visiting is where it's at

I know it has been over a month since I/we updated, but it's been a busy month. We've traveled to several new places and have been working a lot with the youth and different churches in different places like Tamasopo, Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosi the city, and several other small villages. I taught a group of youth several Saturdays ago, and it was my first time to "preach" in Spanish. It was very short, but I think it went well.

A lot of mornings, we take time to go visiting people. Visiting people is one of our main ministries because it allows us to go to people instead of waiting for them to hear about an outreach we're having. Unlike the States, it is not rude at all to come without calling before, probably because many people don't have phones. But all you have to do is announce yourself as you walk up to their house saying "Buenos dias" or the right salutation for the time of day. One of the ladies in our church here in Huichi, Alicia, has lived here all her life and knows almost everyone in town. We usually go with her and she knows someone with a prayer need or someone to visit. We also have been visiting some while others of us teach a cell group at an Hermana's house on Wednesday nights.

Last night I was one of the one's to go visit. We went to a house of a 26-year-old girl who lived with her mom. It was just the two of them living in the house for the most part, except every once in a while when her dad will come looking for food of coffee in the early mornings. He left them for another woman, but still comes back when he needs something. The girl just had surgery in June because she had a brain tumor. When she was 16 she started having bad headaches and was always tired. Throughout those 10 years she had a false diagnosis and when she found out what it actually was, she had to save a long time to have the money it would take to pay for the operation.

We just chatted for a while and then we started talking about how God had a purpose for her and it wasn't for her to live in constant pain. Many times, because Mexico is very open to witchcraft and satanic worship, there are consequences in the actually environment that people live in surrounding these areas. These two ladies had carried a lot of unforgiveness and bitterness toward the dad and the other woman, and it seemed that this was the cause of her pain. Her pain started when her dad ran out on them and that's why we thought it might be the cause. It is true everywhere, but especially here, that many times our spiritual condition can reflect itself in physical ways.

These ladies both accepted Christ as their Savior last night. They both were crying and said afterwards that they hadn't been able to cry in a very long time. Please pray that these two new believers will be hungry to know more of Jesus, who wants to restore their family, give them a purpose in their lives, and be with through all the hard times. Pray that the Holy Spirit will do a mighty work of forgiveness in them toward the dad.

Another shorter story that has to do with visiting:
This morning, we went again with Alicia to visit another family. A few weeks ago, there was a singing contest here in Huichi and me and another intern signed up to participate in order to meet some other people in town. I met a girl named Tiare who I immediately felt a heavy burden for as I spoke to her in my broken Spanish. Her mom sat right behind me and today Alicia wanted to go visit that family. Tiare lives with her boyfriend, so she wasn't there, but we got to pray with her parents. They are believers, but have been burned in churches they have been in and so they don't attend anywhere right now. Also in the surrounding area of their house there are many practicing witchcraft in caves and things. They asked us to pray with them for their property and their house so that nothing done in that area would be able to harm them or affect them and the angels of the Lord would surround it.

When we prayed for them, especially for their marriage, the both began to cry and said that they were touched. The man said after we prayed that he knew his family had to stop looking at things behind them and from this day forward they were going to look only ahead. Please pray for this family also. As a church, we want to be able to reach out to them and bring them closer to Jesus. We want God to bring them back to place where they are growing and He can change the lives of their children, like Tiare and their other 2 kids.

These are just a couple stories of the many that have been happening to me. I'll try to add more stories like this more often.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

San Luis

This past weekend we went to a conference in the capitol city of the state we live in. We ate at KFC, so that tells you that it is a pretty big city. The purpose of the conference was to bring together all the leaders of the different villages and cities to worship, learn, and grow together.

I've read in the Bible the way the disciples, especially Paul started churches and went from church to church supporting and serving each one and gathering more and more believers together. That whole concept is the way I describe what we are doing here. We help with outreaches in each village and praying for people who are ill or hurting, but we do a lot of work like the apostles did. I have learned a lot.

The region we live in is called La Huasteca, which is not necessarily a geographical region as much as it is groups of people. They usually speak Spanish but they have their own dialect. A major market in La Huasteca is sugar cane, but right now they are suffering from a major crisis and they are not getting paid in this region right now. So this affects even those who are not in the sugar cane market, because not many people are buying any sort of products.

So back to San Luis. On Saturday night, we had a time of worship and I knew God was touching my heart and others as well. Then the pastor felt that God wanted us to have a time of offering. But he asked all the people from La Huasteca (the villages) to come up to the front. This included about 40 or so people at the conference. They lined the front of the church and the pastor said "Ask God who you need to come and give your offering to. Pray with these people who are our brothers and sisters."

We continued to worship and as we did, people came down, grabbed hold of someone's hand and put money in it, hugged them like they had known them all their lives, and prayed with them. This is like a group from New York City with a group of farmers and laborers in a small country town. They are very different. But I couldn't stop my tears thinking how beautifully Jesus binds us together as the church. It was a nice moment to see unity and sacrifice in the church.

I thought ya'll would like to hear about some of the things I was seeing and learning. Maybe Bryan will get on here later and write a funny story from the weekend.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Arm Wrestling

Last night it was raining too bad, and we were unable to go to Michotlayo like we normally do. It appeared that we would have some free time and somehow we ended up arm wrestling. This was completely David’s fault. He kept trying to coerce Delana and Liz to arm wrestle. I wanted Delana to arm wrestle too because I was the only one who knew how strong she really is. Finally after lots of discussion about this, Lis spoke up in her broken English and said, “Delana, I am ready if you want.” At this David and I were elated. Delana still didn’t want to, but David and I convinced her too if david and I arm wrestled. I knew I would lose. It was ok though because I was excited to see Delana arm wrestle. Of course I lost. David is much stronger and bigger, but what scared me was what happened next. Lis went against Delana and proceeded to smash her hand to the table like it was nothing. Delana is quite strong. I was actually petrified, but nobody noticed. However this got everybody arm wrestling. We had a ball. We were all yelling in English and Spanish. I actually beat Chak, I just didn’t want go against Lis. I was a little worried they might ask me to. In the end they didn't though, and I felt like I was twelve years old at youth camp again. Turns out Delana is the second strongest girl behind Lis in the internship, and I am stronger than Chak. So the Davis fam did ok. Anyways I thought I would share with ya’ll some of the things we do together in the internship when we have some free time. Normally we just play Uno.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweeping dirt and other things

Over the past few days, I've learned quite a few things I think are necessary to live here. First, I learned to make flautas from scratch. I will make them for anyone who wants them over Christmas.

Also, I learned that Jello with condensed milk makes an excellent treat. It's the only thing I've found thus far that satisfies my sweet tooth.

But as the title gives away, I learned that sweeping the backyard is something that has to be done also. There's a lot of extra dirt and stuff to move to other places in the yard. Bryan was laughing at me and wanted to take a picture, but he was about to leave to run some errands. So i'm sorry you don't get to see that picture. I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

But honestly, I am really enjoying our time here. It has been challenging to use my Spanish and understand what everyone is saying around me, but it has been good. I also have made some good friends so far. The other girls in the internship are really sweet and helpful.

I know God has brought us here. We are praying about his plans for the future, but I have to remind myself not to worry and that He will show us in time. Life is so much simpler here and it's easier to see how much I need Jesus and it makes me want to be in His presence, resting in Him constantly.

Thanks for the comments guys. I don't remember anything to make Bryan look really sappy at the moment, but I'll think on it =)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Estamos aqui

So it's the first day of life in Mexico. We got in last night about 9ish and went to a taco stand for dinner. My mom had loaded us down with all kinds of chips and snacks for the trip down, so I wasn't very hungry. I got to meet all the interns, and my Spanish started coming back a little bit.

There are 4 girl interns other than me, one who is from Houston and is learning Spanish along with me. There are 3 guys other than Bryan. We will all share responsibilities around the house as far as cooking and cleaning go. I'll have Spanish class every morning and we'll have either a Bible class or a service to go to every night.

I was nervous yesterday on the ride down. I felt a lot better once we got out visas and headed down, but I still didn't know how the new environment would be. I'm not a shy person at all, but in new situations I'm not the most talkative person. Especially if half the people around are speaking my second language instead of my first. But I am more positive now that I need God's help to embrace change.

I am going to try to keep this updated pretty well once I start experiencing more new things. Hopefully as life picks up, my posts will become more interesting/funny. I also have been told I'm not allowed to write anything cheesy that represents both me and Bryan, so I have to monitor my writing. It's easy when I'm writing to become journal-y and just gush out instead of being interesting. So I will try to prevent that type of thing as much as I possibly can.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Finally, I am writing on the blog. We are finally married and Bryan has allowed this to be a joint blog. So hopefully our voices will be obvious enough that people will usually know which of us is writing.

Married life has been wonderful. It has been an extremely easy adjustment for both of us. I'm not as bad of a cook as I thought I was. My mom making me help her a little in the kitchen really paid off. It's fun looking through the cookbook and finding things I can cook. Our kitchen is really small, but it forces me to clean up as I go - another habit Mom tried to teach me.

We are really excited about what God has been doing in our lives. We have been seeking for God to change us. I guess that is one thing that marriage does more than dating. It makes it very apparent how self-seeking I am. So that is something I have been challenged with. We MUST fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. There is nothing I can do without keeping my eyes on him. As far as practicalities go, God has provided so perfectly for us. Before we got married, we thought we would just live in Texas for a couple weeks and then go straight down to Mexico. But God provided jobs and a three month lease at an apartment complex for us. We really don't have any clue what will happen a year from now, but what is there to worry about? If we look at how God has taken care of us, we have no reason to fear what will happen to us. I guess that just goes straight back to keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. That's a little of what's going on with us. I'm hoping I get more used to this whole blog thing in the future. I haven't done this since high school and my blogs back then were pretty lame.

If you'd like to get our newsletter by email, leave your email address as a comment. We send those out about once a month.

I'm also trying to convince Bryan that our layout is super boring, but he seems to like this one. Hopefully we can get it a little more exciting soon =)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two weeks

Well it's two weeks away. I will no longer be a single man come May 10. It is weird to think that, but it appears that this wedding is going to happen.

You never think that these moments will ever come but they do. I remember when I was fifteen and thinking that I would never be able to drive. Soon enough the time came, and I got my license. I remember being a senior in highschool and not being able to wait until I grauated so I could go off to college. I remember getting into college and looking at my degree plan and never thinking that I would graduate from college. And now I remember proposing and wondering if I would ever make it to where I saw my bride walking down the isle toward me. The time is here and I will be getting married in two weeks. It has been nine months and two weeks since I proposed and although it seemed like an eternity at times, the time still keeps passing by.

Try to never wish a day away of your life even though this may be hard. I remember that it was hard for me in Mexico at times not to wish the days away until I could go and be with Delana and get married. I remember sitting there and just wishing the days away. I also knew at the same time that I was having a blast where I was. I was getting to minister, serve, and be a light in a dark place. Although at times it may have been hard it was truly just a discipline to enjoy each and every day.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back in the States

Well I have been back in the states now for about three weeks. I am glad to be back. I guess especially being back and hanging out with Delana.

Yeah anyways, I have started back at my job at Mclane Company. I had that job while I was in college. I also moved into an apartment in Temple. We got a three month lease which is perfect because that is about how many months we will be staying in the states. It has a strong smoke smell. Its all good though because we are getting that worked on. It is nice to have an apartment and a job for the time that Delana and I are going to be here. It has been really good how God has provided for us at this time. Anyways I am tired of writing.

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