Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two weeks

Well it's two weeks away. I will no longer be a single man come May 10. It is weird to think that, but it appears that this wedding is going to happen.

You never think that these moments will ever come but they do. I remember when I was fifteen and thinking that I would never be able to drive. Soon enough the time came, and I got my license. I remember being a senior in highschool and not being able to wait until I grauated so I could go off to college. I remember getting into college and looking at my degree plan and never thinking that I would graduate from college. And now I remember proposing and wondering if I would ever make it to where I saw my bride walking down the isle toward me. The time is here and I will be getting married in two weeks. It has been nine months and two weeks since I proposed and although it seemed like an eternity at times, the time still keeps passing by.

Try to never wish a day away of your life even though this may be hard. I remember that it was hard for me in Mexico at times not to wish the days away until I could go and be with Delana and get married. I remember sitting there and just wishing the days away. I also knew at the same time that I was having a blast where I was. I was getting to minister, serve, and be a light in a dark place. Although at times it may have been hard it was truly just a discipline to enjoy each and every day.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back in the States

Well I have been back in the states now for about three weeks. I am glad to be back. I guess especially being back and hanging out with Delana.

Yeah anyways, I have started back at my job at Mclane Company. I had that job while I was in college. I also moved into an apartment in Temple. We got a three month lease which is perfect because that is about how many months we will be staying in the states. It has a strong smoke smell. Its all good though because we are getting that worked on. It is nice to have an apartment and a job for the time that Delana and I are going to be here. It has been really good how God has provided for us at this time. Anyways I am tired of writing.

The size of the baby right now!

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