Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Praying for America

During the women's conference this weekend, one of the American speakers asked for everyone to labor in prayer for a little bit for our country and the election. Then one of the leaders in the church brought up how many people here have such a negative view of Americans because of negative encounters and negative ideas. They asked any of the Americans to go up to the front and they felt like they needed to repent for these attitudes before God by apologizing to us.

This was such a touching experience for me. I've gotten to know so many people in this network of churches. I've stayed in many of their homes and worked along side them in ministry several times. These were the people coming up to me praying over me and asking for forgiveness for themselves and their country. Alicia from Huichi came up to me and grabbed my hands and held them up together making sort of a fort-like thing as she prayed for our nation. It was such a symbol that we are one nation in Christ. It doesn't matter the culture of America or the culture of Mexico, it matters the culture that Jesus has brought into our lives through His Kingdom. Many people came up to me crying in their repentence for a bitter or wrong attitude in their own heart and the people of Mexico.

Other people prayed blessings on us personally for me and Bryan and thanked us for giving our time to their country. My friend and fellow intern Rocio came up to me and said, "It's so cool that you are giving your time and your life for my country. Thank you so much." It was so encouraging personally, but I also feel a need to pass this blessing on to ya'll. There are people praying for God to be glorified and that the Kingdom and culture of heaven be here on earth.

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