Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Madness

We're back in Texas. This has been our first week back. We were sad to leave Mexico. They were so sweet to us before we left. We had several parties; one in Mitcho (one of the villages we worked in) and another in Huichi. I didn't cry too much, but it was hard to leave our close friends. We are excited though to move into the next step in what God wants us to do.

We're currently employed by Belton ISD and we will be substitute teaching there as often as we can. It has been a blessing that this week all our paperwork went through so quickly. We will be living in Temple with our generous friends Danny and Cherry Hill.

Hopefully we will get to visit each of you during our time here. We will be leaving for Peru at the end of July. We are looking for job opportunities once the school year is up. As much as we can earn will help us in our start in Peru. Please email us anytime! We'd love to hear how ya'll are doing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leaving Mexico

We only have less than 2 weeks left here in Mexico. It is crazy when I stop and think how fast the time has gone. Yesterday was 10 months since we have been married. Crazy.

This weekend we are having a mini-internship. Every week here we have a teammate that we wash dishes with and clean the house and do other chores. This weekend the youth are coming and they are going to be on our teams. They will do with us what we do everyday. Also, arranged within the weekend are classes like we have twice a week that will talk about a having our own personal relationship with Jesus. We're excited to get to have this time with them. Please be praying for this weekend, that we can speak into their lives and their hearts will be open.

I know Bryan mentioned this in his blog yesterday, but I wanted to tell you again how excited we were about sending 11 kids to camp. Please be praying about sending one or more kids. It costs $20 per child for a Thursday through Sunday camp. It is the week of Spring Break here and that fee covers all their meals and lodging. We know there are about 200 teenagers that would like to go, but we would love to sponsor as many as we can. This is a time for youth all over the nation to get to know one another and grow also in their relationship with the Lord. Everyone in this network of churches has a vision of the youth of Mexico rising up to be a radical generation for the Lord. We are praying that this be one of the sparks to God bringing that miracle to pass.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. We are sad to leave the people in Mexico, but are excited about this next step in our lives and in our ministry.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It is time to blog again. I don't really enjoy blogging a whole lot. I don't like writing things that everyone can see. I think part of it, is that most of the members of my family are pretty good writers. I think I may have been scarred in the past somehow someway with regards to my writing ability. Plus a blog seems really personal, and I just kind of like to play things close to the chest. However, Delana really likes it when I blog. The picture above is of Delana and I at the National Mexico Conference.

Like I said previously, we had the national conference in February. It was very good. I actually did the parking spots for the parking lot. I did it with the same stuff that you make the lines in baseball, but here we called the chalk "col" or something like that. The way we laid the chalk was poking holes in a one gallon paint bucket and nailing a stick to the bucket. I put the col in the paint bucket and then would shake the stick as I walked along marking the parking spots. I should have taken a picture. The lines were a bit uneven. Most parking spots in Mexico are much more narrow than parking spots in the States. I personally don't enjoy parking a large vehicle into a narrow space so I made all the spots plenty wide.
Delana's parents came in at the end of Feb. which was good. They definitely are troopers. La suegra (mother-in-law) did quite a bit of baking when she was here which was excellent. I love oreo balls. Thank you Penny.
Anyways, one of the things we are doing is raising money for kids to go to youth camp. I found out this morning that we have raised $200. That is enough to sponsor about 11 kids. We are pretty excited about that. The youth camp is going to be the 9th through the 12th of April.

The size of the baby right now!

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