Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House Pictures

So we got a house!!! But I wanted to wait to post it on here until I could give pics too. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house and we're paying $500/month. We're splitting that with David, so it makes for a pretty decent rent for this size of house. These were taken the day we signed to contract, so you will see all their stuff in the house. Unless I say otherwise, it's mostly empty. We did get mattresses that we set on the floor for our first night to sleep there, but that's about it. I also uploaded these in the wrong direction, so it kind of goes from the back of the house to the front. But ya'll are smart, so it's all good. Hope you enjoy. Let me know whta you think. Thank you so much for praying for us as we made this decision.

A picture of us in our new house, right inside the front door.
These are to the right of our front door and it leads you into the garage area.

This is inside our gate, but before you get to the front door. It's a little patio area. I think they left the plants, but they said if it gets to be too much trouble, they'll take them for us.

This is the tile flooring thats in most of the house. The floors are really nice!

The master bathroom - it is actually getting renovated to look more like the guest bathroom. Our renter wanted to have it done before she rented it out, but since we needed it so quick, she's having someone come this week.

The other side of the room. That door is to the bathroom.

Master Bedroom closet. This is what our bed faces

And this is the master bedroom.

This is what the closets look like in the bedrooms.

This is now David's room. It's across the hall from ours.

This is David's bathroom. It's in the hallway, and will also be used for the guest bathroom if people come stay with us.

Another picture of it.

This is what is looking out of Bryan and I's bedroom window. It's in the back and it's a place I could have a garden or something. It's really pretty.

This is the back part of the garage where our laundry room is. We'll hook up our washer and dryer there.

This is the garage with the laundry room behind me. It's plenty of room for a big car or van.

This is the kitchen. We'll have to get a stove.

The kitchen again. I love that it has cabinets. That's something that several that we looked at didn't have.

This is the dining room. And right next to it:

This is what the lady called a biblioteca or library, but we could actually put a curtain over those glass doors and make it a fourth bedroom. That's Mr. Cooper reading over our rent contract to make sure we didn't miss anything tricky.

This is the living room (sala) and they actually left those three maroon pieces for us, so we don't have an urgency to buy seating.

This is our garage from the outside. As you can see by the dirt road, it will get a little muddy during rainy season.

This is Octavio, Luz (his wife), Mr. Cooper, and Bryan in fron of our house. It's that little white gate that we go into. The gate behind Bryan is an independent entrance to the second floor, which is rented by someone else
Ok so that's it. Love ya'll and I'll update soon. We're trying to find an affordable car, but it seems like everything is a lot higher here. Really trashy cars are going for $11,000. The thing is we have to have a pretty big vehicle like a van or large SUV to be able to carry people for services nad stuff.
Hope ya'll are well, and thanks so much for praying for us.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Perfect Timing

So we´re still looking for a house. It´s funny how different it is to do this here as opposed to there. We´ve walked the streets the past two days asking people we see if they know of a house for rent. There is a newspaper that has two houses in it so we thought there weren´t that many. But we´ve found that many people are renting, just not advertising. We now have two houses we are looking at, but I will only post pictures when we are actually in one. This way we won´t get too attached to any certain ones. haha

So I wouldn´t say discouraged is the right word, but we are definitely ready to be in house. But I opened my email today, and saw an email thats title was ¨God will provide¨I get emails of little devotionals every month and that was this month. God really spoke to me and I know He will provide. He reminded me of my verse in Mexico, Phil. 4:12-13 that I can know the secret of being content in all. I just wanted to share with ya´ll this praise! That God is faithful and He will provide for us everything we need to accomplish His purposes. Even if that means another week in a hotel, I was reminded that only He can meet our needs. How nice it is to rely fully on God! Pray that we will walk in that lifestyle. I hope you are all well. I´ve been doing good with the blog huh? haha There´ve been a few people make fun of how few times we update...

Anyway, we love ya´ll so much!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hungry Kids

Yesterday we got to go to the feeding program we´ve just started here. A church in Bryan, TX (actually the group here with us is from that church) gave us enough money to have this program every week. We went over about 7 to Octavio´s house and Luz, his wife, was cooking and some of the girls and I helped her. They woke up at 5 to start cooking a huge pot of rice and chopping up tons of vegetables and chicken.

When we got there, we cooked eggs and chopped those up. Then we cooked the veggies and started the stir-fry dish we ended up with. It´s called arroz chaofa. Then we headed out with the biggest pot you´ve ever seen, full of the food, to a town called Laberinta. We first went around the streets inviting children to bring their little plates and come eat and hear a program. We had about 160 kids in total. We split them up into four little classes and taught them a short Bible story. Then we got them all back together and Octavio presented the gospel to the whole group. We had a group of about 30 kids who wanted to pray to accept Jesus that day. We will be going to that town every Saturday to develop the work there. One exciting thing is that mom´s and dad´s sometimes come with their kids and they are hearing the gospel as well. It was exciting to get to say ¨I´ll see you next week. ¨

Today we went to a church service in the village of Tres Islas. These meeting actually just started not long ago and there are already several families there. After some testimonies and a short message, we invited those who had never accepted Christ to come forward if they wanted to. No one came up. But then we asked if people had something we could pray for, like an illness or something. Several people came up. I got to pray for a lady in her 60´s that was hurting badly in her head and in her bones all over her body. Then she asked me and one of the girls in the group who was with me to pray for her grand-daughter. This girl was about 13 years old. I asked her what she wanted prayer for and she said her side was hurting. But then I asked her if she had accepted Jesus as her Savior. She said no. I asked her, did you know that you can become a daughter of God? By this time she was crying and I just hugged her for a while.

Then we prayed, she repeating after me, struggling through her tears. It was beautiful to see a young girl come to the Lord. I´m looking forward to seeing her again sometime soon. I think we´ll probably go there most Sunday mornings. Another boy accepted Jesus this morning nad we got to pray for several families who were having a hard time.

One thing you can pray for is something we found out yesterday. We´ve sensed and been told tht we will be a big influence here with the youth. We asked yesterday what percent of girls here got pregnant before marriage and they gave us a surprise. 90%! In a city where there´s not much to do, that is the activity most youth turn to. We sense as a team that this is an issue pressing deeply on God´s heart. Please pray that we will hear clearly God´s plan for us and have the courage to follow through.

One last prayer request. We are still looking for house. It will be a relief when we can find the house God has for us.

I hope you are all well. Hug our family for us if you see them. Much love!

Friday, July 17, 2009

We´re in Peru!!!

So yesterday we made it to Puerto Maldonado. It took us over 24 hours to get here including all the layovers and driving time, so needless to say, we were very ready to be here. We spent the night in the Lima airport, so we were a little tired when we arrived.

Since arriving, we have gotten to know the team of 14 people who came with us on the trip. They are here for about 10 days helping with some construction and with the outreaches we´ll be doing. They are great and all very hard workers. We´re praying that more teams like them come in the future.

Last night, we went to the market to do some shopping for today, and I got to see and explore my new grocery store. There´s many fresh veggies and I´m looking forward to cooking.

Today we went house looking. The town just recently started a newspaper where people can advertize things like a house for rent. So there were not many choices when we got here. We´ve seen two houses so far. We definitely really like one of them, but they are both nice. I will put a picture up when we finally choose one and it works out. The unfortunate thing is neither of them are ready to move in to this week. We are paying for a hotel right now, but we would rather be putting our money into a month´s rent rather than spending it here. But for the time being, it is necessary.

We saw the 90 acres of land that Global Consulting Group owns today. We saw some of the different crops that are planted and worked on the house that Octavio (the national we´re working with) will live in with his wife. We spent the morning there working on leveling ground, and the group finished it up while we were looking at houses. Tonight, most of them went to bed about 8:30 and they all claim to not be able to move very well =)

Thank you for praying for us. It has started to sink in that this is home and I really like the feeling so far. Spanish is coming back slowly but surely for both of us. God has been drawing both of us closer to Himself. We were talking today how easy it is to get so consumed with the things we need to get done or figure out for our survival instead of spending time with the Lord and resting in Him. Pray this for us. We love you all and hope that you are doing well. Please comment or email us! We would love to hear from ya´ll. I will try to update soon, as is not our trend (I promise we´re going to do better!)

Much love from Peru!

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