Monday, September 28, 2009


So we're in Cusco. It's nice to have a break from the heat.

Today I think I'm going to write a little more reflectively.

It's been over two months since we've been here. I realized for the first time a few weeks ago that when we go back to the US, it won't be the same life we had before. I know this seems obvious, but it made me realize that this is my life - here - in Peru, and that this is what God has called me to.

Last night we met with the church here in Cusco, and David spoke on our calling as Christians. That we all have a call on our lives. And one of those calls is to run our race. I've been treating my time in Peru so far as a short time period of my life. It really hit me last night that I MUST live my life here on purpose. I can't just think this is a phase, and that things will go back to normal in a few months. I guess it's easy day to day to start seeing things as mundane and forget that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I think it's like that for everybody. Because day by day can be boring. So anyway, I want this to become the place I love. I want Peru to be my home, because by doing that I'm embracing my "race" or my calling.

Right now for us is obviously a preparing time. The 3 of us can all see that God is going to act here. But, if he started moving mightly right now, we wouldn't be ready for it. So I guess these times are just as important as when God starts to change people, churches, and cities. We have to be ready for it.

Pray for us to stay persistent in our times with the Lord. It's easy to get busy in ministry and forget that the real goal is to know Jesus. I know that's been a struggle for me.

So this blog was more emotional than usual, but I figure it's good every once in while. If anyone wants to come visit or bring a group from their church, please let us know. We would love to have anyone who can come.

Last thing - I sent out a message to the Facebook group, but if you don't receive our newsletter and want to, please send me your email address. Or if you receive it in the mail and you don't mind getting it in email instead, send me your email. We're trying to minimize the hard copies we send out so we can get them out faster.

Monday, September 21, 2009


So I said I'd post pictures of the baby. Below is her birth paperwork and stuff. They had to take her to a near by village to get her registered. You can see her little feet in the picture, but it's hard to read her name. But if you look to the far right, you might be able to make out my name, her middle name =) They even spelled it how I spell it in English.

And this is the mom, and little Carolina Delana. The two little girls in the back are her two big sisters, Reina and Gabbi. I didn't get a picture of Isidoro because he shyed away from the camera, but he's sitting on his wife's right. They are one family we work with here.

Things have been going well. The most exciting thing has been the people closest to us. I've made friends with a girl about my age, and it's been so nice. We've had some good conversations, and she's started opening up to me about her life. She comes pretty regularly to the church, and has even been helping on Sunday morning with the children's church. Please pray for this relationship.

This past weekend, there was a church who hosted a group of 40 something people from Lima to do an evangelism crusade. They told all the evangelical churches about it, so we could invite our members, and they could invite friends. We were excited, but really surprised when we heard the message on the first night. Instead of just a traditional, "Do you know where you will go when you die?" he spoke on the restoration of the family. WOW what a timely message here. He told stories of testimonies of how Jesus had healed, transformed, and changed people's lives and families. One story was long so I'm not going to tell the whole thing, but it was the conversion and physical healing and changing of the first Peruvian who had gotten a sex-change in the late 70's. He was actually the 3rd person in the world to have the surgery done. But God used tons of events in his life to come to Him, and He miraculously changed his body back into a man's 7 years after his conversion. I was wowed by this story.

Seriously, it was really encouraging to hear and see the people respond to this message. But the main thing is, we must see transformation in this area of the family. This is one of our greatest prayers for this city.

This upcoming Friday we will be going on a trip to Cusco. We told the hermanos there we would visit every other month if we could, so we will be going for about 5 days to spend time with them. We also found this awesome Taco Sauce that we will be buying more of while we are there. =) Now that I know what we have here in Maldonado and what we don't, I can buy some stuff there. We'll be taking our car again for the 12-14 hour drive, so pray for us please.

Thanks for all you support and prayers.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So we have a new baby!

I was hoping that would get everybody’s attention. A family in our church had a baby this week. The husband, Isidoro, works on the land that the ministry owns and we also provide him with a house to live in, but it’s kind of in the middle of nothing. From town you can’t get a car to go out there past 7:00 at night. So they happened to be out there, and Isidoro had to be “the doctor.” He even cut the cord once she’d come out. Pretty hardcore I’d have to say.

But for me it’s really special because her 2nd name is going to be Elena after me. =) I’ve never had anyone name their kid after me, so I think it’s really neat. The couple already has two little girls who are precious and I’m sure this one will be too.

We’ve been doing really well. This past Sunday was our 2nd Sunday to have a kids time in the morning instead of just an adult Sunday School type of thing. We felt we needed to do that discipling another time, and have some sort of outreach. The first Sunday we had 7 kids. When we drove up at 8:45 to the church there were already two kids there waiting, two that hadn’t come the week before. We don’t start until 10. So once we got the doors open, we had about 6 or 7 kids there. We told them we were going to clean the church, and I asked if they wanted to help. They said “SI!!” or “YES!!” and went to town. What usually takes us 35 minutes was done in 10. It was awesome. Then I told them that since we still had about 50 minutes until we started, they could go invite some other kids to come. When it was all said and done, we had 19 kids. Pretty amazing. We split the kids up and the adults that had come helped us by questioning the kids about what they had learned from the story. Thank you Life Church in Bryan for the material you left with us! It has been so helpful.

Our goal as we’ve seen it here is to raise up leaders. We’re starting to see individuals who would be great for certain things, but it’s a work of the Holy Spirit. Pray that we will have the wisdom with how to do this whole thing. We have more and more no idea how do get done what we know needs to be done. But in a way, this is a great spot because there’s not much room for pride. Anyway, that’s a little of what’s going on with us.

The other thing is that we went on Monday morning to the fraternity of pastors here in Maldonado. I thought it was funny that they’re called a fraternity. But anyway, it was good to see that there is already a group of pastors here that want to work in unity to see this city changed. It was encouraging for us to hear other hearts the same as ours. The pastor’s wives also meet for prayer every month. We were definitely the youngest people there, and the only Americans there. There was one Brazilian couple and one Swiss missionary. So it was neat to meet all of them.

Well that’s about it. I’ll post pics of the new baby soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

No Internet

So the internet we first had at our house was too low quality for the price we were paying. So for the moment, we do not have internet in our house. This has been the first chance I've had to update the blog, so you can see that my posts might be a bit less frequent until we make a new choice on internet.

But just one comment on my last post. That chicken-cutting, I discovered today, was nothing. Folks, as of today, I know how to completely decontruct an entire chicken. Head, feet, insides, windpipe, and rectal parts. SO yeah. If you need help with that ever. I can for sure do it. It was completely disgusting to say the least.

Anyway, things are going well with us. Pray for the children we've been working with. We're starting to see an attachment which is good.

Also, very quickly, I got to see Martha today and hang out with her for a little while. We didn't talk about much too serious, but I'm so thankful for your prayers for that. She's actually looking for a new job now, which would mean she might have a lot more free time. But just pray that she will find the right job. Love ya'll so much.

The size of the baby right now!

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