Monday, November 23, 2009

The more native stuff =)

So I said I'd put the other items on the blog that are up for sale. As opposed to Chana, Josafina is an older lady and she makes all her stuff by hand. So it takes a lot longer to make. I'm not sure if she's interested in making multiple items like Chana. I just know these are for sale. If i get multiple people wanting the same thing, I can ask her. But I know these will take a lot longer to make, so besides these I don't know what would be ready by the time my parents come. Please let me know if you are interested! First come first serve =)

Josafina is part of a family that lives just outside of Puerto Maldonado in a little town called Pastora. You can see parts of their houses in some of these pictures. They moved several years ago from up the river, but they travel frequently. None of them have a steady job. They take jobs as river guides and sometimes these women's husbands are gone for weeks at a time. Keep in mind that a day's wage for a job here is about $8. You can see why helping Josafina or Chana is a tremendous help!

Below is a native tunic that is the traditional garb of the Yene tribe. Remember they are all handmade so they're a little more pricey. The price of this is $135. It's a heavy material and really nice quality. Both of these tunics are for men.
This is $135 as well.
This is a woman's traditional garb. The pants are about size 4. The shirt is about a medium. The cost of these together is $17. If someone is interested in buying them separately, let me know and maybe we can do that. She just gave me a joint price.

This vest is $25. It would be great as a fishing vest for someone perhaps =)
These are placemats. It comes with 4 that look like this. They are $5 each. So for the set is $20.
This is a backpack type bag that Bryan is modeling haha. The cost of it is $12.
This is a bag or purse that has a long strap. So you'd wear it over the shoulder across your chest. It's a neutral and can be used by boys or girls. It's $14.
This is one of the same types of bags. But the design is just a little different. This also costs $14.

And this is Herman Josafina who made all of these. She's a very sweet lady.
Please check out the entry below as well to see Chana's if you haven't already seen them. Thanks for helping us help some precious sisters in our church.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hey everyone! I'm sorry it's taken me a while to update. I've been waiting for some pictures I wanted to show ya'll. There is a girl in our church who is 19 years old. Her name is Chana and she can't hear or speak. She uses sign language (which is really tough to understand for me when she's signing out words in Spanish - like a triple translation!) and she does not let her disability get in her way. Since I've known her family, I haven't seen a father. She has three younger brothers and her mom that she lives with. Chana is has to work. There isn't any programs to help people with disabilities here. It's just a fact of life, but she has to work to help provide for her family. She is a very hardworker, and as you are about to see, a very creative and talented individual. I wanted to show ya'll some of her work:

This is for a square pillow. She designs these herself.
Another pillow except its a sideways picture with my foot in it too =)
These are the purses she makes. You can tell this one doesn't have the straps yet. It's in progress.
Another design
And another
And another with the added bonus of my feet again.

I asked her about sewing or putting "Puerto Maldonado, Peru" on them and she said she could definitely do that. She is just starting this business, but I know many of you have asked how you can help. This is a great opportunity to help a family of believers that we're working with here and get a pretty souvenir in the process. My parents are coming in December, so they would bring them back with them if you buy one. Please, please let me know if you'd like one asap because she will need to be working on them. I'm hoping this will help kick off her business really well. The prices of the pillows and the pink purse (or that material) are $10. The prices of the others are $15. Please consider ordering one of these to help her out. They would make great gifts =). Any questions please email or comment on the blog.

Just a few pictures more since I took the time to upload those others:

Moises, Octavio and Luz's grandson. He'll turn 3 this month.
Luz, Moises, and his mom Mari
Bryan carrying our "compras" for the Saturday morning food program. It gets really heavy.

Much love!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some New Pics

This is the church in Tres Islas where we go every Tuesday to have church there.
This is the outside of the church building.
This is the girl who made my card in the last blog. She's always at the church if the doors are open.
This is the lady we usually buy our chicken from.
On the top left is the ground beef that we now have in our refrigerator. Below that are fish.

Just some pics of around town I thought ya'll would like to see.

The size of the baby right now!

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