Saturday, December 12, 2009

What's new

I know it's been a while since I updated. I wanted to leave those pictures of the "for sale" items up for a little longer so more people could see. Thank you so much for your response to these two ladies. It was awesome to see so many people wanting to help.

I felt a few weeks back that I should start praying for Chana, and that God wanted to heal her. She has been deaf since birth. This morning, she told me with hand signals and then her mom told me that she is beginning to hear in one ear the very loud noises. God is moving!! It's awesome to see God at work. Please join with us in praying for her ears to open for the glory of Jesus!

Here are some pictures from the feeding program. These are some of the kids who are helping me go around to invite other kids to come here the Word of God.
Along the way we ran into this sheep who was just chilling so I asked them to take a picture with it =)

We've been having a hard time spending time with the youth in our church. Most of them are busy most of the week, and our weekends are our busiest time. But the last two weeks we've brought them along with us to the feeding program so they can help and we can spend time with them. Working together brings people closer! So these are the youth that came and helped us on Saturday. From left to right, Clayburn, Ginger, Katia, Darliz, and Jorge.

Darliz is helping me serve the food.

This is one of the kids who always helps me invite. He's a cute little kid, always ready to smile!

Bryan and I ate out one Sunday night and I had a plate called Brocheta Mixta. Basically its kabobs with different kinds of meats. Well Bryan tried them out with a marinating recipe he found on the internet, and put them on the grill and they turned out fantastic. I just thought ya'll would like to see a bit of his creativity.

Last Christmas was Bryan and I's first Christmas married, but we were on our break from Mexico, so we were living with our parents. This is the first year we've had our own place for Christmas, so we went and bought our first Christmas tree. It's little, but it's perfect for us. We figure in later years we can use this even when we get a big tree.
Bryan took the job of putting the lights on very seriously. I think he did a great job.

Here is our beautiful tree!!!

We have several things coming up:

We will be giving out Christmas presents to children in the church and that have been coming to our children's program on Sunday morning. We will also be giving to some kids in communities outside of Maldonado. For the majority of them, this is the only present they will get this Christmas.

My parents are coming to visit and I'm super excited about seeing them and them seeing everything here. Pray for safety in travel.

We are having a get together at the church on Wednesday the 23rd to celebrate as a church. We're wanting it to be a time of fellowship and growing together as a family in Christ.

Thanks for your prayers. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!

The size of the baby right now!

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