Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We are really glad to be back. We made it to our house on Saturday, and it took about two days to get it back to a home again. Unless you sweep/mop/dust here about every other day, the dust becomes caked up on everything. So you can imagine the very dirty house we walked into.

We had a great time visiting with several churches and a lot ya'll! It was a very encouraging time for both of us. But the great thing was that we really felt ready to come back. It was definitely a great time of renewing our strength, and gearing up for the next time.

Being back, we have seen a lot of our church family and friends that we have here. We found out yesterday that a couple of the pastor's wives that we are friends with are pregnant. The lady who told us looked at me a little expectantly, and I adamantly told her that we weren't pregnant and it would still be a while.

Today, one of my English students called and asked if he could come by and visit. It was really nice to visit with him. He's someone who is a natural leader, and we are really praying for him to come to know the Lord. We will call him Frank. He's older than Bryan and I, but is very youthful. He came one time to a youth event in January, and he also came and played soccer with us when we played with the youth from the church. Please pray for Frank.

This week our priority has been getting back into the groove, and looking for a place to have the youth center. We trust that God has the perfect place for us. We've been looking around as we've been out and about, but tomorrow morning we will start the hunt intensively. We have set aside the morning to go and hopefully find a few options. Because location is so important to something like a youth center, we are hoping for a pretty central location. I watched a little HGTV on the break, and it's the same here... location, location, location. So that means we'll probably be paying mostly for the location, but we really need a good, big facility as well. Just keep that in your prayers. We a trusting that God will direct us to the right place.

We already miss family a little, but family and friends, please rest assured that we feel we are exactly where God has us. I was praying today and felt such an urgency. I feel like these next 6 months are really important to our ministries and goals in Peru. We must be diligent for these upcoming months, because I feel like God is desperately wanting to transform an entire generation in our city. And we must do our part.

Thank you for doing your part and praying. I will update again soon. Much love.

The size of the baby right now!

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