Thursday, June 24, 2010

Apt Pics and GREAT news!

Well, even though I have tarried in my promise, here are the promised pictures of our new apartment. We are on the 3rd floor of a 3 story building, and it's perfect for us! It's not the cleanest it's ever been, but here ya go:
The kitchen! I love that I can look out while I'm cooking and that Bryan can be sitting at the bar while I'm cooking. In the house, the kitchen had a little more storage space, but it was isolated from the other rooms. I really like this set up. You can't see it, but we do have a fridge to the right of this picture.
This is taken from behind the bar. We put that table there to serve as our dining room. The door is the door into our bedroom. The front door of the apt is not in the picture, but is to the right of that white chair.
This is the laundry room that is inside!! I don't have to worry anymore if it's going to rain, or if the clothes will get to smelling bad outside. And they dry with the breeze pretty well.
Our bathroom. I don't get to use my shower curtain anymore that we got from our wedding registry, but I think it will be easier to keep the door clean.
Our bedroom that is two times as long as our other one. We have a lot of space, and we just bought that used TV, so we've gotten to watch some of the World Cup. I love the windows surrounding the room.
This is the view outside of our bedroom window. Since we're on the 3rd floor, it's really a great view. Especially laying in bed, you can only see the sky. Awesome!
Our closet. A little messy right now, but our closet here has some shelving that we didn't have at our house. It's really helpful!

So that's our new apartment. Hopefully you can tell a little from the pictures how great it is.

On another great note, God has provided us with a youth center!! Thank you so much for your prayers. It has worked out fantastic, and we'll even be able to move in this weekend while a group is here. It will be nice to have the help moving and cleaning our old house. The youth center is directly across from a school and down the road from another. The closest school, whose name is Milagros (which means "miracles" in English; I don't think that's a coincidence) has elementary and jr high in the mornings and high school at night.

About a week ago, Bryan got the chance to translate for a Gideon who came into town from the US. He went with him to give the little Gideon Bibles to that school, and the principal, on finding out that we lived here, invited Bryan to please come back and help with English or do something in the school. We had been praying as far as location goes for the youth center, and it was just a clear smack in the face answer for us. God worked it out so perfectly to give us some connections.

Like I mentioned before, we have a group coming from a church in College Station tomorrow. When groups come, it is so encouraging and helps so much. We are excited to bring them along in what we are doing, and we are able to do some outreaches with a group that is a little more difficult with just us. Pray for them as they are traveling right now, and also for their health as they stay here. It's easy to catch a bug, and we are praying that none of that happens for them.

We were just in Cusco with David and his aunt and uncle, and we had a great time showing them around and just talking about the Lord. It was really encouraging, and I know the church and people in Cusco were encouraged by their visit. We will be going back again to Cusco next week with the group, and we look forward to more encouraging times with them.

God is good. Even when I'm down, or I'm sick, or I'm happy, or I'm busy. Even when things happen I don't understand or when I'm drowned in blessings. I've been reminded of that truth this week and wanted to share it with you. If you get a chance to read the book of Haggai, I think it is a timely message for the church today. I'm praying it over my city and my life, that I would understand the Word of the Lord, and that I would act on building His kingdom instead of my own.

Love you guys!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's been a crazy two weeks! God has really provided and been moving, and I'm excited to get to share it with you.

First of all, God has really been moving in two of the churches we have outside of Maldonado. We go every week to Tres Islas and Puerto Pastora, and we have seen 3 people saved in these last two weeks. One older man accepted Jesus last week in Tres Islas, and this morning in Pastora, a young man and an older woman prayed to receive Jesus. We are excited about working with these new believers as they begin their walk with God.

The young man (Rolando) will be leaving tomorrow to go up river to work. This was his first time coming to the weekly cell group, and his first time to read a Bible. I offered him my Bible to read during the teaching, and asked if he knew how to read Spanish. He said, "Yes, but I've never read a Bible. I've always wanted to though." And he just looked at my Bible in awe while Bryan was teaching. When Bryan presented the gospel and asked if anyone wanted to make a decision, he said he knew there was a God and that the only way was through Jesus. His girlfriend that was with him said she had prayed a prayer before. So when I explained that we have to continue to walk with God, and spend time with him, she decided to rededicate her life. So we had this young couple, with a young little girl, who dedicated their lives to Jesus today. Very encouraging. We also encouraged them that blessing comes when you get married instead of just living together. We gave him a Spanish New Testament that we happened to have in our book shelf, so as he goes up the river he can continue reading this week until we see him next.

As far as a local goes, we are still praying. We have found several, but we just haven't felt a peace about any certain one. As much as we really want to get a place quickly, we are learning to wait and listen to God's voice. Please pray for discernment. We actually have three we've narrowed it down to, but two of them would really take trusting in God for finances. So this week we will see if one of the owners of the two locals will go down on the price. The two more expensive ones are very close to schools, which would be ideal. Please pray that we would know what to do.

Something awesome though! As we were looking for locals, we found an available apartment that is cheaper than our house. As much as we loved living with David, we are very excited that we are now going to be living alone for pretty much the first time in our marriage =) We moved in last Thursday, and we love it! It is on the third floor of a three-story building so we have a great breeze, and a great view. I will post pictures soon! It has been amazing to see how God has provided for us.

I just wanted to share a personal testimony too. Since being back, we've had several things slow us down, and it's been a little discouraging. Monday we had a pastor's meeting, and I had been praying that morning that God would revive my passion for Him. It was so interesting, because after I prayed that I just went on with life. But during that meeting, I kinda clued out and God just began ministering to me. He started giving me ideas for initial things we can do for the youth center, and began giving me courage to speak His name boldly. It's so good to know that I have a God who hears me, and still wants to keep surprising me with His goodness.

Please let me know if you have nay questions about our ministry. I would love to blog about them. Thanks for reading. Until next time...

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