Thursday, July 22, 2010

Por Fin!

I know it's been a while since an update, but first I need to post the list of needs for the youth center that Bryan promised on the last newsletter. I'm sure the list will grow as we start different activities but here it is:

Sign with the name of the youth center and the mission - $125

Some wooden, comfy chairs - $35 each; We'd like at least 4

Foozball table - $145

Desks for English students (2 at each desk) - $25 each; We'd like at least 4

Okay, so now on to the update!

At the end of June, we had several visitors. David's aunt and uncle from Waco came for vacation to see Cusco, so we met them there and had a great time with them. It was great conversation, and fun to finally see some touristy stuff and introduce them to the church in Cusco.

A few days after they left and we got back to Maldonado, a group came from College Station to help out for about 10 days. We had a great time with them, and they helped us out a lot. They were great sports and cooked for the feeding program in Laberinto, used the machetes at the land, helped us move out of our old house (cleaning and everything), and many other things. I'm sure they were tired when they went home, but it was great meeting new people and serving God with other believers.

Since being back, we have found the location for the youth center and started advertising for English classes. We were a little discouraged to find little to no response on all the advertising. Bryan talked to tons of tourism classes and handed out over a 1000 cards with our information. We've only gotten 2 calls with questions, and we've had no one commit to classes. We took the hint from the Lord, and thought maybe we should try something different to kick off the youth center and get to know some youth.

So this week we went to the high school right around the corner from the youth center and talked to the director. We found out it is one of the poorest schools in the city, but they were more than willing to invite us into their classes to help out with English. So this week we've been tutors to some degree, helping the English students with questions during their class. It was also a blessing to get to share with the principal and vice-principal at the school our vision for the youth center.

I'm thankful that we haven't gotten much response for the English classes, because we've gotten to get our faces out there and meet some young people. A few girls came up to us yesterday as we were leaving the school and asked us our names. We talked to them a little while, and then told them we would be back tomorrow to help out in their class. They seemed really excited to get to practice English with a native speaker. I'm looking forward to that here in about an hour.

I know I have had several prayer requests for people on the blog. Please continue praying for our friends. This morning I was reading in Deut. 7 and came across these verses. When I read them I instantly knew that they were for this time in Puerto, and for us to start getting rid of evil that has been in this city for a long time.

"21So don't be frightened when you meet them in battle. The LORD your God is great and fearsome, and he will fight at your side. 22As you attack these nations, the LORD will force them out little by little. He won't let you get rid of them all at once--if he did, there wouldn't be enough people living in the land to keep down the number of wild animals. 23-24But when you attack your enemies, the LORD will make them panic, and you will easily destroy them. You will defeat them one after another until they are gone, and no one will remember they ever lived."

So that's something I'm praying for in our city. I believe with all my heart that it has to start with one generation. One generation of youth have to decide that they are tired of living life the way their parents did, and start seeking the truth. Pray for us to continue to have the courage and strength and encouragement to keep believing for this miracle.

Thank you so much for supporting us and praying for us. I have had a couple questions lately, so I wanted to answer them quickly on the blog. We are a part of a small missions organization called Global Consulting Group that is our spiritual covering. They do not receive any of our support, nor do we receive a salary from them. We get our income entirely from family and friends who feel the call to give. Our address is at the bottom of the first page of every newsletter we send out, so if you are interested in giving, check that out. If you don't receive our newsletter and you would like to, comment here on our blog or send me a message on facebook. We would be excited to add you to our list.

I look forward to upcoming miracles and touches from Jesus to report to you. Much love!

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