Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Blog Readers!

This blog we have some news. The first news is great news!! As you might have read in our newsletter, we had baptisms last week. It was a lot of fun, and it was a blessing to see 2 of the members of our church in Tres Islas making their commitment to Christ public. And they made it quite public because our baptisms were in the river. There is a little "beach" a few minutes in canoe from their village, so we went there to do the baptisms. We fit probably about 20 people on this canoe to go up to the baptisms.

Before we left, Pastor Octavio (the native pastor we work with) explained the significance of baptism, and made sure that everyone watching and being baptized understood what they were doing. So many people here associate baptism with babies being born and baptized in the Catholic church, that there had to be an explanation of what Jesus calls us to do after we begin to follow Him. It was an important step of obedience in these two believers lives. The 2 people baptized were Isidoro's father and sister. Isidoro is pictured below:

We have actually been working to train up Isidoro. He has been a Christian for a while, but is just in the last couple of years understanding what God desires of his life. He and his wife, Maribel are from the Shipibo tribe, and they just got married two years ago when they learned that God desired that a man and his "woman" don't just live together, but they make a covenant before God. It is so encouraging to see them continue in their obedience to the Lord. We are meeting with them every week doing discipleship training. We know God wants to use them in a mighty way to bring the Kingdom of God to their own tribe and many others.

Here is where we did the baptisms. This picture shows you that it was just another day on the river for the people in the boat passing, but it was a very special day for Hermana Mikaela who is being baptized.

Bryan and Octavio dunking her under:

This is Hermano Brito, Isidoro's father coming up from the water:

After the baptisms we went back and had some coke and cake. Can't be that. We had fun just being together.

We praise the Lord for the work He is doing. We hope and pray that this family will start to feel a conviction in their heart to share the love and truth of Jesus with their town of Tres Islas.

Another thing that has happened since I last blogged was a fire on the farm. I know Bryan put one picture on the newsletter we just sent out, but I want to put a few more on here just so you can see the extent of the damage. Especially for those who have visited us while we've been here and have seen the farm.

This is the entrance to the land as you can only tell my the car marks indented in the ground. This used to be really tall grass and very green.

This is Octavio and Luz's grandson, Moises. He's 3, but he has spend a lot of time out at the land "helping" take care of the plants. This was one of the orange trees and as you can tell, they were growing tall before the fire.

This is the house that a group came up to help us work on while they were here. The back of the house is mostly black. This is Octavio and Luz with Moises and his friend Maria.

Please be praying for Octavio and Luz as they have invested hundreds of hours working on the land. Also be praying for our mission and our leaders, as they invested financially into the land. We are believing that our God is a God of restoration. We are waiting to see how God will bring glory to His name through this trying time for Global Consulting.

We have some great things that God has been leading us to do in the city, but I will update next week with more of those things. I will also next week have pictures up of our sign at the youth center since we are getting that installed this afternoon!!! And I will show pictures of our classroom at the youth center with all the beautiful desks that we bought with a donation for that. So make sure you check back next week for that.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Please comment or email or facebook, and let me know how things are going with you. A couple people respond to the newsletter by telling us what was going on in their lives, and it brought us such encouragement!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Youth Center, Youth Fun Day, and Youth Night!

We have had a crazy, BUSY, couple of weeks! We have finally signed the contract on the youth center, started English classes, and have had a lot of fun with the youth in our church.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, so we've cleaned up quite a bit since these pictures, but I wanted to put them on just so you get a good idea of what it looks like and how big it is.

This is the main room. I'm taking it from the outside of the youth center.

This is from the inside. That's the front door where I was when I took the first picture. We really like it that it has a window too. It lets in a nice breeze.

These are the other two doors to the left of the front door. It will be awesome if we want to have a concert or show a movie. We can just open them up and people can crowd in.

This is the room we are using for English classes. We have it set up as a classroom now. We hung a white board, and are using a long table. We actually had a donation this week to buy the tables we were hoping for, so we will actually get to have new "desks" for the students! It will be 2 students per table. Now we can fit more than 5 students!

And it's exciting that we have a bathroom in the local. It's not very common to find that, but it was definitely a necessary thing if we're going to be up there for long periods of time.

So that's the youth center! We also had the answered prayer of a donation for our sign! Since we got the contract finalized, we can now start making it more of our own. We will be designing a sign this week, and hopefully get it up this week or next. Thank you guys for giving and praying for us. God has been really faithful in slowly but surely bringing youth to us. We're really enjoying our new role in ministry.

Like I said, English classes have started, and we have 5 students and 3 others that are planning on joining next week. We also have one private student. We are at the youth center now usually every day from 1230 to 530. Tuesdays we still go to Tres Islas, so we leave about 3 for that. But the other week days we are there.

On the weekends, we are still doing the feeding program in Laberinto, but we go pretty much directly to the youth center when we get back to Maldonado. I teach the private class on Saturdays, and Saturday nights are our youth meetings.

So last night we had a youth meeting. Since Wednesday is Bryan's birthday, we celebrated with the youth last night. Below is a picture of Bryan with his birthday brownies. We sang and the kids all made him cards that said Feliz Cumpleanos and told him how much he meant to them. It was neat seeing them appreciate Bryan for everything he has invested in each of them.

Happy 25th birthday Bryan!

The youth these past two weeks have been on vacation from school. Since their school year is different here than in the states, this was kind of equivalent to our Christmas Break. But we've been able to hang out with them in the mornings more because they weren't in school.

Friday morning is one example. We put together a game morning. We had 6 kids show up, so we separated them into two teams. They stayed in those teams all morning, and competed using relay games, and silly competitions. As far as organization and constant entertainment it was so-so. But since they don't ever get to do activities like that, they LOVED it! It was great to see them bonding with each other and talking to people they don't usually talk to. We came back to our apartment afterwards, and ate sandwiches. Here is a picture of them with Bryan after we'd had a busy morning of entertainment:

We are really excited about what God is doing. During worship last night, I really sensed from the Lord that they were coming into a relationship more real than they've had before. Something that proves God's existence and faithfulness to them on a personal basis. So I look forward to seeing them grow, and seeing more youth come to know the Lord.

Keep praying!


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