Monday, September 27, 2010

Back in Peru

We had a great trip to Bolivia, but we are exhausted. We are now in Cusco, but by the time we return back to Maldonado tomorrow morning, we will have traveled 43 hours in bus in the last 4 1/2 days. It's crazy! But praise the Lord, everything went well with our paperwork.

We got to visit some friend of ours in Puno, and our friend Linder's band was giving a Christian concert in the plaza there in Puno. So we really enjoyed visiting and worshiping with them.

This is them on stage:

And this is Linder and his wife, Maribel's little girl. We danced and sang while they were on stage.

We also got to stay in a new place, which was Copacabana, Bolivia. It was really pretty and right on Lake Titikaka. It was nice to spend time together just me and Bryan without much of a ministry schedule.

Bryan with an alpaca:
This is the view from our hotel room! Beautiful, especially for $14 a night!
We watched the beautiful sunset together:
And by last night, getting into Cusco we were ready to get off the bus and get some sleep:
Thanks for your prayers for us! We are glad to have that trip taken care of, and are ready for another week of work in Maldonado. Love ya'll!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey blog world,

I wanted to write to ask you to pray for us. We have to travel to Bolivia this week, and we appreciate your prayers for safety. We have to deal with some of our paperwork at the border, and Bolivia is the closest border to us.

On our way to Bolivia, we will be going to a Christian youth concert that a friend of ours is leading. We are really excited to get to support him in that, but also to cast some vision for us and what we hope will be in our future. We would love to eventually have him come and do a concert in our youth center.

Two praise reports! We had two of our youth give their lives to the Lord within the last few weeks. And found out that one of the girls that has been coming gave her life to the Lord while at a youth meeting at another church with a friend. We're excited that God is moving!

The second: Remember Mikeila? We hadn't seen her since March, but she came into town for a couple days this week. At church on Sunday she slipped in the back. She is doing wonderfully!!!! She has been teaching children in her village, and she's started a church service there too. She said since she doesn't know much, she just reads the Bible to them since she is the only one with a Bible. How amazing is the Holy Spirit that leads her! We were so encouraged to hear and see her. She will be coming back in a few weeks to stay for a month. She said her desire is to learn more about Jesus so she can tell the others what she learns. We were so encouraged by her hunger for God's Word. Praise the Lord! Keep praying for her. Here's a picture of her.

I'm going to try to do shorter posts and do them more often. Let's see how I do...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Exciting Week!!

I'm updating so soon, because I'm so excited about this past week. We have really seen God move, and are excited to see what's coming next.

First, I wanted to share the most exciting thing. Last week we tried to start a discipleship class with the youth that have been coming, but it rained. And it rained the exact hour we planned to do it. And it stopped right when we were planning to be done. We had planned to do it outside riverside in Pastora where most of the youth live. There aren't many other buildings other than a room each family uses as their bedroom/kitchen/living room/etc out there. Plus these rooms have tin roofs so you can hardly hear yourself think when it is raining. Needless to say, we didn't do it that week. We visited a while and went home.

So anyway, when we headed out this Thursday it started raining again. But this week we were determined that we needed to start it. It so happened that one of the families were out of town so my group of girls used their house. Then there were only two guys that could come, so Bryan had his group in the car. Although it was make-shift and pouring rain, it was a great start.

One of the young guys, 11 years old, who has been coming for a while now gave his life to the Lord on Thursday. What an awesome way to start a discipleship time!! We were really excited about it. Please be praying for him with us. His name is Yohan.

Another exciting thing was we finally got the sign installed at the youth center. It helps soooo much to have a sign so people know what we are doing and who we are. We prayed and thought and brainstormed like crazy with one of our Peruvian friends, and we finally came up with the name "Safehaven" in English. We were thinking of tons of Spanish names like "refugio" (refuge) or "radical" (radical) or "destino" (destiny). But when explaining these to our friend, we told her we wanted it to be a "safehaven" and explained what it meant. Finally she was like, it would be much cooler in English. So we went with it. After all we are teaching English classes, and it's been a drawing point already with people wanting to know what it means.

Here's our beautiful sign!:
And it even lights up at night!!

The guys lowered it down from the second story and screwed it in.

Below is one of our English students. He is 15 years old. He knew I was taking the picture, but he wanted to look like he was working. I told him he should come read our blog to practice his English, and see his picture on the internet. =)

Here is our classroom!! We have been using it everyday except Sunday, so it has become a second home. It is the back room that you see on my previous post with the pictures of the youth center.
Also, we had an idea to have English help one night a week at the youth center. Since we volunteer in the high school closest to us, we invited kids to come from 6:30 to 7:30 on Wednesday night. They get out of school at 6:20, so it's like an after-school program for them. Last week we had about 7, and this week we had about 9. We invited them both weeks to our Saturday night youth meeting.

Last night, on Saturday, we had 11 youth in our meeting. We played Uno for a while, and then we taught/sang worship songs. Then Bryan shared what we are about. Out of the 11 there, 8 were first time comers. And all of those eight were people who met us through the Wednesday night English help. We were really excited to see these youth ready to learn songs about God, and asking us questions about why we were here. It was great to get to share 14 and 15 year olds that Jesus isn't just for adults, but He wants to touch them too.

Keep praying for all these things we have going on. We are also teaching the discipleship class to Isidoro and Maribel during the week, and it is a pretty intense study. We have been experiencing the spiritual battle lately, but it's pumping us up! We are excited and yet much more aware of our desperation for the Holy Spirit and becoming even more desperate.

Thank you for those of you who gave so that we could purchase things for the youth center. And thank you for praying for us. We are more and more finding that Jesus is our only strength and our only hope.

"Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame." Psalm 34:5

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