Friday, November 26, 2010


Is it really already the end of November?? This month has flown by. We have been working hard, and we've seen God move in the hearts of some of our youth. I'll share a couple stories:

There is a 15 year old girl named Katy that lives directly across the street from the youth center, and I've made a pretty good relationship with her. She comes occasionally, but she has to tend the little shop her family has most of the time when she gets home from school. She accepted Jesus as her Savior a couple months ago, but because of time I haven't gotten to talk with her as much as I would like. But on Sunday, she showed up at our house wanted some help with her English homework and wanting to talk.

She shared with me that her brother had been very sick. He even stayed a couple nights at a "healer's" house. These are actually witch doctors who many people still use instead of going to doctors. She said she'd seem some weird things while they were staying at his house. I got to share with her about her identity in Christ and that she has no reason to fear Satan because she has given her life to Jesus. We talked about the dangers of opening yourself up to other spirits other than the Holy Spirit, and many things like that. It was a great time to share, and she said she had never heard any of that before. I'm looking forward to watching her grow more and more in her faith and love for Jesus.

Another youth that we've been hanging out with and building a relationship with is name Ronald. He's 12 years and he accepted Jesus in his heart almost a month ago in the youth center on one of our Saturday nights. He has a sensitive heart and has asked us questions that show he really does want to know about God. A couple weeks ago we were talking to them about worshiping. We told them that worshiping is an attitude that we have towards God through our day - that we are thinking on how great He is and telling Him that. And then we explained that music can help us focus on the Lord and it is one way to worship Him. Ronald raised his hand and asked really sincerely, "Is it okay to cry?" Although a couple kids snickered we were proud of his guts and heart to ask what he was thinking.

We are praying for these kids and the others that are regularly coming to the youth center. We are seeing change and kids wanting to know about how they can have a relationship with Jesus. Please join with us by lifting them up - that they would answer God's call on their lives and be bold to share with others and live for Jesus even when it's not popular.

We are leaving tonight to go to Cusco to visit the church and some friends there. Then we return to Maldonado for a week, and then back in the USA. We are planning an end-of-the-year party next Friday so we can see the kids before we leave.

Thank you for your prayers! We're hoping to see all of you (or at least those of you in Texas) in December.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seeing lives changed...

We have been visiting a little girl with AIDS named Ruth. She lives here with her grandmother. Both her parents died of AIDS and she contracted it in the womb. She is 5 years old, which is older than any of the doctors expected for her.

A couple months back, we had a class at a private school in Waco "adopt" her to pray for her and collect some money. With their giving, yesterday we got to take her and her grandmother shopping. It was so fun to see them both light up when getting what they'd been needing.

Normally they have to go by one day at a time. Ruth's uncles help support them, but they have families of their own as well. Many times they don't have what it takes to go day by day. They are now stocked with all that Ruth needs for the next month. We are so thankful for this class that gave money, and this opportunity to minister to this sweet girl and her sweet grandmother. Please keep them in your prayers. We are believing for healing.

Please continue to pray for the youth center. Last Wednesday we had 19 kids, which was crazy and fantastic. We are loving it! Pray for creative ideas that will help the kids in their English and eventually allow us to develop relationships with more youth. Since opening the youth center, we have seen 8 people come to know the Lord. Wonderful, huh? Each of those 8 people have been coming to discipleship or teaching times. We are excited about God's work in each of their hearts.

Much love!

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