Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back Online

We had a crazy visit back! It was great to see everybody and be around friends and family for Christmas. Last year we got to see my parents and my brother, but this year we got to see all of Bryan's family and our extended families.

When we arrived back a week and a half ago, we discovered that our internet providers stopped providing internet. =) So we were really disappointed because they were the best internet in the city. Everything else is way below par, especially with video talking (Skype) that we use to talk to family.

But after a lot of researching and hassling, we got internet installed today. We are really excited, even though the video capabilities are still really low on it. At least now I can use the internet for English classes and other ministry stuff too - like this blog!!

Since we've been back we've seen a couple really good things. One thing is the cell group we do in Puerto Pastora. We had our first meeting last Wednesday, and they were doing great! They said they had started having services while we were gone in their home on Sundays. They plan to continue that. They all seemed so peaceful, and we were so thankful to see God's grace active in their lives. It's so nice that ministry does not depend on us! I'm so thankful that even when no one was coming to lead a small group every week, they started something themselves. Praise Jesus!

One other cool thing is the youth center. We've had a lot of kids since being back, and we've had some really good talks. We told the kids when we left that we would be back on the 15th of January and we would have regular meeting that night. When we showed up that night, we most of the neighborhood kids came and said, "YAY yall are back! i'm so glad to see you" and all that stuff. But then about 20 minutes after 7, our normal start time, one of our most faithful kids, Obe, came in. Obe lives about 5 minutes in taxi away from the youth center. He brought a friend. I said, "Hey Obe!! I'm so glad you knew we were here tonight!" He said, "well yeah, yall said you would be back on the 15th and i've been counting down the days." It was really nice to know that we were missed, and that these kids are ready to get going with us again. Since this is the kids' summer vacation, we are teaching a free English class one night a week for the next 6 weeks till they start school. The person who scores the highest on their final exam gets to go out to eat with the group of Americans we have coming in March. That got them all pretty motivated.

We are thankful to be home again. We are praying to find out what are the main things God wants us to accomplish in these next few months. Please pray that we will know where and how to focus our efforts and time so that we are obeying Him.

The size of the baby right now!

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