Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taking Ownership

When we first rented the youth center, it had only been used before as a place rented out for parties and gatherings. So because of that, it had a bunch of chipped paint on the walls from people putting up decorations. There was also a lot of dirt on the walls, I'm guessing from kids with dirty hands touching it and running around.

So this week, we decided to paint. Bryan wanted the kids to feel like it's their building to so we invited anyone who wanted to help us to come. The two guys below gave at least 2 hours of hard work and it would have taken so much longer without them. They did great and they were really proud of it when it was done.

These two other kids helped us sand, because their parents told them they couldn't paint. Probably a wise decision. They would have gotten pretty dirty. All four of these kids our part of our faithful regulars that come to almost everything we do.

We used some of the donations that were given to us over the break to by this chalk board sign. Many people with restaurants use them here to have outside what they are serving for the day. We decided it was important for us to list the things we have going on and what time they start. Below is advertising our English class we do on Wednesday nights. On the other side that you can't see, it's advertising for choir practice that we started last week.

Below are a couple pics from the classes that we had last night. They are really enjoying the classroom setting, especially since they are on summer vacation right now. So since they don't sit in class all day, they don't mind it once a week. That's why we are doing this class once a week during summer vacation. The person who scores the highest on the final exam actually gets to go out to dinner with the group of Americans that are coming in March. They are all hoping to win and get to practice what they're learning.

We brought back a couple games that we bought with a gift card I got for Christmas. We went to Target and one of the games we bought was Jenga. They love it! We like to have games like that to play before and sometimes after our weekly activities. Since it's part of the culture to always be late, we usually play a game or two before we start for those who come early.

We are really excited about the different things we've started since being back. We still really need your prayers for guidance and wisdom. We have some decisions we need to make and we really want to be sure what the Lord is wanting of us. Thanks for always remembering us in prayer.

I just thought I'd post a couple pics of our trip back home too. I was the matron of honor in December in my college roomate (and best friend)'s wedding. It was a lot of fun, and Bryan got to see me dressed up with my hair done. That just doesn't happen much since we live in an extremely humid place.

The Davis family, only lacking Matt and Julie.

Bryan with our brother-in-law Andrew at the Baylor Bowl game. It was really fun to take a family trip together to Houston (even though they lost).

Christmas with the Brewer's. My brother and his fiance, Sarah will be married by next Christmas!

It was so cool that several churches, even with their busy Christmas schedules, let us come and share our hearts for Peru and what God is doing here. This is at Mayfield Road Baptist Church.

These are some nice boys we met sharing at New Life in Covington. We really enjoyed getting to know this sweet congregation who treated us like part of their family.

So that's a little of our lives. Let us know how things are going for ya'll. Please email us or find our group on facebook: Bryan and Delana in Peru.

The size of the baby right now!

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