Monday, March 21, 2011

Amazing week!!

Hello friends!!

I'm am so happy to report that Hoops for Hope was such a blessing to us. One of the goals we set last year for the youth center was reaching youth through sports. I'm am so thankful for a group of servant-hearted people who came this week to help us advance on that goal.

We had about 145 kids and youth ages 8-25 that were impacted by the camp. We had four days of camp, with three different age groups at 3 different times. Morning was for 12-15, afternoons for 8-12, and nights for 16-25. It was fabulous. We had great weather that allowed the group to keep their energy up till the last day.

We had a large majority of the kids say they wanted to receive Jesus as their Lord. We explained that this is a start of a new life and only the beginning to knowing their purpose. Coach Wible, the director of the organization reminded us of the parable of the seeds. It was encouraging to think that we as a group had done the work and that some seeds will be prosperous.

We are excited about having some new faces in the youth center to start discipling. Please continue to pray that we would be faithful to this harvest.

Not only did the Lord bring us new faces, but he also brought us favor with our government. The local government requested the group's presence on Thursday after the morning session. The mayor, president of education, president of sports, and the president of our region (like a governor) were all at that meeting. The purpose was to thank the organization for choosing our city to invest in. They were so happy that the group had come. Bryan got to translate for all the dignitaries. It was a blessing. They didn't even focus so much on the basketball, but mostly on how events like this can make a difference in children's lives. It was awesome. Plus, people all around town were telling us they saw us on the 6:00 local news.

God is so good. We are so ready to see Him high and lifted up in this city. And it starts with us! So we give Jesus the praise - only He is worthy of the recognition! May Your Kingdom come and be manifested HERE!

Here are a couple pics of the camps and the group (I will post more on our facebook group - Bryan and Delana in Peru) :

Bryan is leaving this Thursday for a several-day river trip. He will be visiting several villages and encouraging several churches along with Octavio. Please keep them in your prayers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Strike and Other Things

So last week was a little crazy. There was a strike about the mines here. Mining is a huge job source for a lot of our city. But many of them are illegal. The machinery they use releases mercury into the rivers, which is a life source to many of the villages. Not to mention it has decreased tourism, because now there are not as many animals living near the rivers. Plus the work conditions are terrible. That's what I've come to find out about the mines just from here-say.

But the government decide to evacuate all the mines, legal and illegal and start bazooka-ing the drags that are illegal. So all the miners came to the city to protest. I tried to post a video I took, but the internet is too slow. But the government and the miners are now working to find a solution. We are praying that they would have supernatural wisdom in this decision because it is very important to our city.

A new school year began this week, so we are excited to have a lot of youth back in town. December, January, and February are the summer months of vacation here. So we are starting a new schedule up the week after next to have after-school activities. We're praying about what things we need to throw out from last year and what things to add. Please pray for us as we do that.

Like I said in my last post, Hoops for Hope is coming. It's only 2 days away. The local paper yesterday had this picture in it:

Bryan is famous! =) One of our friends called us yesterday and was so excited that she had seen Bryan, her friend, in the paper. It was really exciting to see how well our city and state sport's department have welcomed this group of basketball trainers.

This group is special to me because my cousin is part of the team. I'm really excited to see Bryce. And also because the president Hoops for Hope is Bryan's high school basketball coach. And his son is comeing (who was on of the groomsmen in our wedding) with his wife. So it is always nice to have a group of English speakers come to help, but especially when they are close friends and family. We're thankful that we'll have this time with them.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep 'em coming!

"I will go before you and will level the mountains;
I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.
I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name." Isaiah 45:2-3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have to admit, I've wanted to post for a while now, but it's seemed so overwhelming because a lot has been going on.

We are in rainy season, but some years it is worse than others. Well a couple weeks ago, we went to Pastora and it was flooded. They live close to the river, so they know this happens, so their houses are all built up off the ground. But the water all around their houses was up to my mid-thigh. I walked through it on the way to the cell group, but on the way back one of the boys took us back to our car on canoe. It was a new jungle experience of sharing Jesus =)

While the kids have been on summer vacation from school, we have had a free once-a-week English class. It was 5 weeks long, and we promised a prize for the person who had the highest grade on the final exam. The prize was a dinner with us and the group of Americans that are coming in a week and a half. Well, 2 girls won it, so we are taking them both. I think it will be fun for them to practice their English. They both worked and studied very hard.

We have had a few good activities at the youth center. The Saturday before Valentines we showed "Fireproof" at the youth center and had free popcorn and juice. We had a good turn out and several adults who we talked to after the movie. We had told the kids to invite their parents, and a couple showed up to watch it. It was good to meet some of their parents and show them what we teach their kids.

Thank you for your prayers. I mentioned the group that is coming. Hoops for Hope is an organization that uses basketball to preach the gospel. We are excited that a group of 8 is coming in on March 12th to hold basketball camps for a wide range of kids/young adults. We have seen a lot of favor in planning this trip, and we are praying for safety for the group's travels and a great touch of God in the kids that come. Please pray with us.

Much love!

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