Wednesday, April 6, 2011

River Trip!!

So about a week ago I got to go up the Madre de Dios river. It is about a two day trip in boat to get there from Laberinto. I was excited to go because I hadn't been upriver for almost four years. It is a beautiful trip.

My main job was translating for Ken Daugherty. It was an honor to get to help Ken. He is the President of Cert International and he has been leading missionary medical teams to remote areas of the world since 1991. Cert stands for Christian Emergency Relief Team. We also had two ladies from the US Carol and Bonnie. Octavio led the group. Octavio has been leading the Jungle work for our mission for several years.

The places we went to were Shipiteare, Diamante, Boca Manu, and Boca Colorado. The word boca in Spanish means mouth. Boca Colorado is at the mouth of the Colorado River and Boca Manu is at the mouth of the Manu River. The Manu River leads into the world famous Manu Park. It is known for its biodiversity. It has lots of animals. In order to enter Manu Park you have to have permission from the government. Cert has been taking medical teams into the park for a number of years. There are still many unreached people in this part of the jungle that have never heard the gospel.

This is a picture of Ken, Tomas, Norma, and me walking through Boca Manu. Tomas and Norma have been pastoring a church in Manu for about five years. On Sunday I translated for Ken as he preached at the Church in BM.

This is a picture of some ladies in the church in Shipiteare. We were only able to visit in this village. We were not able to spend much time in the village.

This is me and Pastor Tomas in Diamante. He is awesome. Tomas loves to joke around so we had a lot of fun. I was glad to be able to encourage Tomas and Norma along with the church family we have upriver. Delana stayed in Puerto Maldonado running the Youth Center programs. God was really faithful to take care of us both while we were apart. Most of our work and heart is with the youth in the urban areas of Puerto Maldonado. However, God continues to put a desire inside my heart to see His Kingdom established in deeper parts of the jungle. I am glad that I am partnered with people who are committed to seeing that happen.

March flew by. Hosting Hoops for Hope was some of the most fun I have ever had on the mission field. I love getting to coach and play basketball while sharing the gospel. This river trip was a blast as well. Well that is all for now folks.

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