Friday, June 3, 2011

Texas, our Texas

Nuts! I can't believe I've already let another month slip away without writing on the blog. In all fairness, since we've been in the US we've been blowin and goin.

We are in Texas for about 3 more weeks. Next week my brother gets married and the week after we will have a welcome home reception for them. Our family has been very busy to say the least.

It has been a refreshing time for us, but also we have realized how much Maldonado has become home to us. We were talking last night about how much we missed our friends and the kids at the youth center there. It feels very strange to have two homes.

We have had several opportunities to talk with people this time back. We are excited to say that we will have some help for the next few months. We have more people visiting us in the next 3 months than we've had in the 2 years we've been there. And we've talked to many others who have felt God's nudging to come and visit us for a while. We are pumped about God's provision to connect us with people who have a heart to serve.

Please be praying for Octavio and Luz and the Peru mission while we are away. God can most definitely continue working while we are not there. And pray for us to enjoy the present and prepare ourselves to go back and minister with a full heart.

The Lord has been using this time in my life to remove some things in my heart that weren't pleasing to Him, and change mentalities that could hold back my effectiveness. It has been nice to step away from our every day activities there and hear Him guide me to a new understanding. Thank you so much for praying for us. It is the greatest blessing you can give us.


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