Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lovin the Help!

I know I keep saying that I'll try to blog more than once a month, but I failed again. Good thing ya'll are all nice people and forgive me!

We have been back in Peru one week, and we had already accomplished so much. We have two wonderful friends here helping us, Jordanna and Cami. God answered our prayers when these two girl contacted us about coming. They are a blessing! I'll post some pictures of them at the end of this blog.

Since being back we have gotten to see everyone and the fellowship has been wonderful. We've celebrated an anniversary with a fellow church, we've gone to our cell groups where they seem very encouraged, and even gotten to help with a medical team (translating).

I see more and more that God is bringing His church together in this city. This next week, our mission is holding a city-wide conference for churches to learn about working as the Kingdom of God as a whole. Please be praying for this conference and that many people would have new revelations of their callings.

We have been so excited to see the kids in the youth center. They were really happy to have Safehaven's doors open again, but we're praying for a new passion in their hearts for Jesus. With Jordanna and Cami here, it has opened doors for us to meet more kids and develop deeper relationships with others.

It's also been fun this week to share with the girls about daily life. They both came claiming they didn't know how to cook, but they won't leave that way. They have been cutting up and cleaning out chickens, and cooking some great meals! I'm so proud of them, and it has truly been a blessing from the Lord to have to girl to pray with. As I write, they are doing my dishes and sweeping my floor. God is so good!

Here's some promised pics of our first week back.

Check out our facebook page for more pics!

The size of the baby right now!

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