Monday, October 31, 2011


Things are going great with the youth center. Friday night we had six kids give their lives to the Lord!! God is good. I want these kids that we are working with to know it more and more.

My purpose for this post is to let folks know about a need that we have. We really need music instruments for the Youth Center. We don't normally put financial needs on here, but I really feel like it is important. I am looking to raise about $1500 for instruments. The purpose would be so that some of the kids who are coming to the youth center could come and learn how to play. I know people who would be willing to teach them. I see this as an opportunity for kids who are growing in their faith in the Lord to have an opportunity to develop their musical skills. Most kids in Peru don't get the opportunity to learn an instrument.

Almost two years ago we were developing a worship band made up of members from different churches. After a few months a couple of the members of the team moved away. We still have in our hearts to do something similar to what we were doing. So I see this as a need in the youth center as well as a need in the city where we are working.

Delana is 11 weeks pregnant today. I (Bryan) am writing this by the way. I know it has been a while. I think like two years. There was a fiasco in '09. I will just leave it at that. I am really excited about being a Dad. Delana is doing well. She is a trooper. Please continue praying for her as I know ya'll are doing.

If anybody is interested in helping out with buying instruments let me know by sending me an email at God Bless.

This is a pic of the Bridge that was just opened that connects our city with Brazil. It is really going to change things here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We're Having a BABY!!

So time has flown by. And most of you have probably received the newsletter or read the news on facebook, but I want the blog readers to know as well. We found out a little over a month ago that we are pregnant! I happened to be in the US when I found out. I went for a couple of weeks to be with my parents while my dad was recovering from surgery. And while I was there, I found out this amazing news which I had to tell Bryan over the telephone. But we are super excited. In November we will complete 3 and 1/2 years of marriage, and so we were hoping to start a family about this time. Our baby's due date is May 22, 2012!!

Our baby's first picture!

Things are going great here in Maldonado. We have seen God's hand moving in some cool ways. We started a discipleship class a few months ago, and we have consistently had at least 10 high schoolers involved. We decided to dedicate one night of the week at the youth center to only high school aged youth. A lot of times the younger children can be a distraction to those who are really wanting to learn more about Jesus. So we decided to do that. We've taught on many different topics, mainly starting out with the basics of Christianity. But last night, we taught a lesson on purity, separating the guys and girls. It was very encouraging to see the girls understand that God wants them to choose one man who is godly, who respects them, and who will be faithful to them. They know all to well of what happens in most relationships here (infidelity, children out of wedlock). I encouraged them that they can be the ones to change the next generation!

We have also seen a growth in our feeding program in Laberinto. We have about the same number coming to receive food, but we have more that are coming to the lesson to be an active part of hearing God's Word. It's been encouraging for both Bryan and I to see the older kids sink in the lessons and start practicing more respect and obedience. We pray this continues to grow.

I've started up again volunteering in English classes in the school close to the youth center. We've already seen 2 new faces as a result, and I'm praying that continues. They really seem to like the free English class we give on Wednesday, and most of them return for the class on Friday or Saturday where we teach the Bible. Pray for more salvations in the youth center.

We are still meeting with Isidoro and Maribel once a week. We were so encouraged to be back with them this week. This couple is such a testimony of God's power. He is blessing them, their marriage, and their ministry as they obey and pass on the teachings they learn. Isidoro shared a passion of his with us this week - reaching the uncontacted groups up river from here. We are excited about the dreams God is putting in his heart, and we can't wait to see where it goes.

We have been trying since this summer to do an evangelism in their town which is about an hour away from Maldonado. The town's mayor or governing group told us not to do it. It is actually illegal for them to forbid us, but we don't want to force our presence there unless it is what we are supposed to do. We are praying for a softening of hearts, and a strategy to bless this town called Tres Islas. Please pray with us - that they would see our hearts are to bless and not to manipulate or benefit ourselves. Pray for courage and boldness in the church there, that they would rise up to testify and pray for their neighbors.

The last prayer request I'd like to leave you with is for leaders. We have been working with the kids in the youth center for a year now, and we have been praying for leaders with the same passion for youth in this city to come alongside us and work at the youth center. We are still praying for this.

I wanted to post a few pictures of the other day when we played Ultimate Frisbee with the kids. Even though the kids didn't even know what a frisbee was before they met us, Bryan is determined to play one of his favorite sports. So we've been teaching them, and they love it. Enjoy!

The size of the baby right now!

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