Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

We had a wonderful Christmas. The money you gave allowed over 300 children to receive a toy, hot chocolate and sweet bread to celebrate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was so fun to see the kids so excited about their toys. Here are a couple pictures.

Thank you again for giving! If you want to see more pics from the different Christmas programs, go to our facebook page - Bryan and Delana in Peru. I have a lot more pics up there.

I felt the baby kick today. I've felt little wiggles, but this was the first time I was like "whoa you are in there aren't you little one?" I was 20 weeks yesterday. Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we plan toward adding someone to our family.

We have added two new things to our schedule starting this new year. First, we will have a kids class once a week for an hour and a half. That starts this Thursday. Some of the older kids who come regularly will be helping facilitate this. That will give them a good chance to learn to teach kids and soak up more of the gospel while they are doing it.

Second, we are starting a Thursday night group at our house for people in their 20's ish. We're not really putting limits, but we know a lot of people in that age range that are just kind of floating around and not sure where they fit in. Most of the people going to church are a little older than them, and most of their friends are still in the partying stage. Please pray that God would bring the people who really desire to meet with Him. We don't really know what this is going to look like, but we've seen a need and we feel compelled to do something.

It is exciting to see some real fruit coming from our year of labor with these youth kids. I hope to share soon some of that encouragement here on the blog. But thank you for partnering with us to bring change to this city. We're praying that God will use us to bring the power of Jesus into more and more people's lives.

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years!

The size of the baby right now!

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