Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When we first started the youth center, we felt that God gave us three tools to focus on to reach kids. They were sports, English, and music. We immediately started a free once a week English class for kids after school, and we began volunteering in schools in their English program. We also started a sports time on Saturdays where we play a different sport each week. We also had the privilege of hosting Hoops for Hope to further our sports strategy.

But what we really didn't know how to use was the music side. For the first year of the youth center, we didn't do much with music except for sing and teach Christian worship songs at our Friday and Saturday Bible classes or small groups.

As you've seen over the last few blogs, God has been rocking our world as far as music goes. Our friend David now has a key to the youth center and is working side by side with us to extend God's kingdom using music to bring in kids. We now have several times a week where kids can come in and use the instruments to learn and practice. We are also doing voice practices to get the kids involved with the band.

We had an awesome concert, and the kids even put together a drama to do in the middle of it. It was great! I can tell the kids loved doing the skit and being part of the presentation.

God has brought in a lot of new people since we started the music stuff in November. Please pray for these new kids to respond to the gospel in the same way we've seen from our kids already involved in the youth center.

We have a core group of about 8 that have really been touched by the Lord and we see them growing in their faith. We've also seen them reaching out to the newer kids and including them in a way that does not come natural to 13, 14, and 15 year olds. We also see them eagerly participating in the leadership roles we've gradually been giving them! We are so excited to see how God is removing some daily responsibilities from our hands and giving them to these young believers. Our goal is for the youth center to eventually be able to function without us - just as most missionaries' goal should be.

Speaking of going on without us, it is hard to believe that we are only a month away from moving to Lima for 3 months. Our little Eva is kicking and moving a lot these days, and we're both just thrilled to have this blessing to be parents. We look at each other some days and can hardly believe all the emotions. Thank you for those of you that were praying for us to find a place to live. We found an apartment in a nice area that also has an extra room that can help us host family members that will be coming visit during those 3 months. We're excited about serving in a church in Lima where we hope to make connections for the future. Bryan will be coming back a couple times to Maldonado to see everyone and make sure things are going smoothly.

This next month is a busy one for us. Along with putting an extra push of energy into the youth center, we also have two groups coming. The first is a group of doctors that will be going into a reserved park here in the jungle. It is up river about 2 days. Bryan will be going with them as a translator. The government only lets people with special permission enter the park because they want to save the environment and way of life of the many native groups that live there. They will be gone February 26th until March 6th. Eva and I will stay behind and keep things going here. Please pray for Bryan's safety and for us as we will be apart. There will be hardly any opportunities for communication during that week and half so I know it will be hard on us.

The second group is Hoops for Hope. As I mentioned earlier, they came last year and were SUCH a blessing to us and our ministry. We are so glad they want to come again, and I know that will be a very fun week. They will teach 2 three-hour sessions of basketball skills and drills for 4 days of the week they are here. It will be very busy, but it will give us a great chance to meet more kids. Please be praying for us to get all the last minute details ready and for translators to fall into place.

One last prayer request. We really feel our time in Lima has a purpose for this time in our ministry whether it's making connections with Peruvians who have a heart for youth in the jungle or working by teaching English or something else. Bryan has been contacting some English institutes in Lima seeing if they need any help. We're also considering being private tutors. Please pray for us to find ways to be fruitful while we are away from Maldonado. It's hard for both of us to leave while things are going so well here, but we are obeying what we are hearing from the Lord.

We love you and are so thankful for your support and prayers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Newsletter


I hope that everyone is doing well these days. We are having a girl!! We expect Eva Grace Davis to be born sometime around May 22nd. Needless to say we are excited. We are going to be moving to Lima for three months. During our stay there we will be helping out in a church there. I may also be teaching English if I can find jobs. We are in the process of looking for a place to stay while we are there. Please be praying that we can find a place that is safe and affordable as things cost quite a bit more in the big city.


Thanks to all who gave to our Christmas program. We were able to serve around 350 kids with sweet bread, hot chocolate, and a toy. We were privileged to see the kids happy. This gave us opportunity to share the Gospel with kids as well as parents with whom we don’t normally have the opportunity. You can see pics on our blog at


At the end of December we were taking Obed one of the 14 yr old kids home from the youth center. He told us that he had been teaching kids in his neighborhood things that he was learning at the Youth Center. He has been mee

ting with them for over a year off and on. This completely shocked us to hear that he would take the initiative to start meeting with his friends and teach them about Jesus. We are excited to see what God is doing in his life. We look forward to seeing more fruit. Please be praying for Obed. I am meeting with him personally during his summ

er vacation. He is helping me clean the Youth Center and then we are doing a Bible study.

There is a young girl named Sophia who was saved in the Youth Center. We have been discipling her over the last year. This January she has helped us start a Children’s program in the Youth Center. Folks, I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to see her teaching children about Jesus and praying out loud boldly. Please be praying for Sophia and our Children’s program

Upcoming Events

February 26th I will be travelling upriver with Octavio and a team of medical doctors. I will be serving the team as a translator. The doctors will be seeing indigenous peoples from different communities. We are going to be entering into a protected national park called Manu Park. There are many people we will be seeing that have only h

eard of Jesus a few times. There are also uncontacted people groups inside the park. This is an opportunity to take the gospel to places it has never gone before. Please pray for protection for me and that I would be a blessing to the team that I am serving as I continue to share the Good News. Please pray for Delana while I am gone as well.

I get back March 6th and March 10th to the 15th we have Hoops for Hope International coming. We hosted Hoops for Hope la

st year and it was a huge success. Not to mention it was a lot of fun. This year my friend from school Jon Wible will be leading the team. We will be teaching fundamental basketball skills as well as sharing the G

ospel with about 100 kids. We will have some of the same kids as last year. Please be praying that God would touch the hearts of the kids we are working with. Two of the kids from last year have been consistent in our discipleship classes.

Keeping in touch

If you have any questions or prayer requests for us please feel free to shoot us an email. You can also check out our blog. Delana usually updates it every few weeks.



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