Friday, August 31, 2012

100th post!

I guess it's kind of sad that I've only had 100 posts in 4 years, but I'm glad we finally made it!

Yesterday was Eva's 3 month birthday. Time has gone so fast. It was a real treat last night - we got to hear her laugh for the first time. Bryan was "boo"ing at her, trying to scare her, and she loved it! Bryan and I both teared up a little. Then today, she rolled over by herself from her back to her tummy! She is really growing.

Things have been going really good here. We had a D-Now weekend a few weeks ago. Here's some of the pics from the life-changing weekend. Many of these kids have never done anything like this. They didn't want to leave.

We got the chance to do four bible study sessions, eat all our meals together, play some crazy games, visit a nursing home, do evangelism in the main square, and go to a water park all in a day and a half. It was a very crazy weekend, but we survived and had a great time. Thanks so much to the church that made it happen.  A church in Covington TX gave through their VBS so that we could offer the whole weekend to the kids without cost. Blessings to you guys.

We also had some friends come visit, and it was a lot of fun to be with them. They really helped us in the D-Now, but also cooked for us almost every meal for two weeks. It was amazing and Bryan and I learned a lot!! Thanks for coming Darrell and Taylor!

It's been a really crazy summer for us, but we are so glad to say that we've seen 6 people give their lives to Jesus in these last couple months since being back from Lima. Praise the Lord!

I've also started playing with our praise band - singing and playing keyboard. I'm a little rusty, but they are being patient with me.

Last thing - we've created a Facebook group called "Eva in Peru." Since we have so many people who want to see a new picture every other day, we created this to not overwhelm all our Facebook friends. But if you are not a member and you would liked to be overwhelmed with her pictures, just let me know and I'll add you.

Pray for revival amongst our kids!

The size of the baby right now!

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