Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Ends of the Earth

Ok, well I know that it has been a while since we have posted a blog. We are in Peru again, and we are happy to be here. I am pretty sure that Eva is growing every day, and she continues to do new things that amaze us. Like the other day she looked at me and said, "Dad you are the best." No just a joke. She is not quite there yet.

I wanted to use this blog to share with you a rare opportunity that we have in our ministry. There is a protected park called Manu Park in our state that covers an area of almost five million acres of land. Manu Park is protected for its rich biodiversity. There are communities from the Machiguenga tribe (a contacted people group) inside Manu Park. In these villages they do not allow the gospel to be preached because by law it is considered an invasion on their culture.

As many of you know there are also uncontacted people groups in our state. These are Amazonian Indians that have never seen civilization. Some of these uncontacted people groups are inside Manu Park. These people groups are considered in voluntary isolation because of their history. Peru law is making it illegal for people to try and make any kind of contact with these people in isolation. BUT, it is not illegal for the indigenous people from the communities inside the park to make contact with them. For the first time, we have a open door to reach some of these uncontacted people.

For over 10 years Octavio (Octavio and Luz are the Peruvians we work with) has led medical teams into Manu Park and given free medical care to the Machiguenga people. In this way we have been able to show the love of Jesus to them. However, we have not been able to see as much advancement as we would like, because we have not been able to teach and disciple them........until recently.

I would like you to meet Eber and Eliana. They are from the community of Yomibato (4 days in canoe from Puerto Maldonado) inside Manu Park. Eber is 20 years old and Eliana is 21. She is several months pregnant with their second child. Eber studied high school in Boca Manu village, and he had good grades.

Eber and Eliana have been granted permission by their community to live and work with us on Peru Farm (the farm that our mission's organization owns). This will allow us to have some much needed help on the farm, but most importantly we can share with them the love of Jesus and teach them the Bible. Octavio and Luz as well as Delana and I would share teaching responsibilities. This is an opportunity for us to reach Yomibato and potentially many uncontacted people groups all inside the park when they return to their village.

We need to raise $200 a month for this couple. This is to pay for their food as well as compensation for their work that they do on the farm. We are looking for someone or several people to make a 1 year commitment to pay them. I ask that you be praying for Eber and Eliana. Don and Melisa Cooper(our leaders who founded the mission) have been working towards this for 20 years with Octavio and Luz.  They have been waiting for an opportunity to reach the Machiguenga people with the gospel for many years. If this is something that tugs at your heart, I encourage you to think about supporting this. Email us if you're interested or have questions - davis.bp@gmail.com

In February I will be travelling inside the Park translating for another medical team. I hope to have pictures for you when I get back.

The size of the baby right now!

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